A holistic 3-step approach

Shivika Gandhi endeavours to fuse her knowledge of nutrition with the science and concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine


We gather information about your body composition, lifestyle, ailment and the extent to which it may hinder in future times. Also, we classify your body type based on the five elements of nature -Air, Earth , Fire, Wood, Metal.


This step is undertaken to prepare the body for responding to the diet as well as remove all the toxins present inside.


We prescribe foods based on the conclusions drawn in the elicitation phase. These foods aim at curing the ailments under scanner.


The Nutritional Edge, started by Shivika Gandhi in 2016 is all that you need in your life to get better, brighter and healthier.  We aim for a fit you and a peace of mind. We truly believe that aspects of life such as health and peace of mind are something that one deserves completely and we want to give it to you in the best possible way. We are a wellness clinic based on the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves all its forms like TCM Diets, Herbalism, Qigong, Tui Na and Acupuncture for health improvement and weight management.


Shivika Gandhi, the visionary of TNE is the first nutritionist to fuse her modern wisdom of food with ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to plan her diets.

The underlying principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses :

-The belief of human body being the miniature version of the large surrounding universe.

-A harmonious existence of two complementary forces which support health namely Yin and Yang. A disease is an outcome of imbalance of these two forces.

-The five elements – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood, each of them symbolically representing stages and phases the human body undergoes and its transition during the infliction of an ailment.

-The vital energy Qi which flows through the body performing multiple vital functions and maintaining health.

Shivika’s diets are an unconventional cohesion of the above mentioned core principles prepared post a detailed analysis of the body type, ailments suffered from and individual habits, keeping in mind the requirements of the body as well as the person. Diets are then structured and often inculcated with naturally occurring Herbs which are efficacious in prevention and cure of ailments.

Her idea is to make holistic wellness comprising zilch stress and ton peace as the destination of the one en route the journey of optimum health and so she emphasizes on the inclusion of self healing and cultivating exercises such as Tai Chi and Qigong along with her diet which work as catalyst and accelerate the fruitfulness of her regime. She is the first one to hold sessions for the same.

With one of a kind foresight and profound surmise on the health wonders of the Chinese, The Nutritional Edge helps you achieve the holy grail of a flourished body and soul.

Shivika Gandhi

Shivika Gandhi


A graduate in Food and Nutrition, Shivika Gandhi is the first Indian Nutritionist to inculcate principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine in her Diet Therapy and promote Qigong for self-healing. She specialises in managing lifestyle disorders with utmost ease. A whooping 99.8 % success rate and 4000 + clients served speaks volumes for her knowledge and expertise in her field.

Panav Mahajan

Panav Mahajan

Marketing Specialist

An engineer by profession, Panav Mahajan carries an ample experience in marketing, consulting and rendering her efficient services to the clientele. She is the backbone of smooth operations of The Nutritional Edge.

Dr. Sweta Arya

Dr. Sweta Arya


Dr. Sweta Arya has earned a B.A.M.S degree and continues to treat ailments naturally. Her forte includes curing diseases like Thyroid, Fibroids, Arthritis, PCOD with monumental efficiency. She believes in the power of the gifts of nature over artificial formulations.

Sourabh Soni

Sourabh Soni

QIGONG master

A fitness expert cum martial arts trainer based in Delhi - NCR, Sourabh is well versed with 5 martial art forms. With 7 years of experience up his sleeve in teaching Muay Thai, Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun and Kickboxing, he has numerous accolades to himself.
A silver medalist in 2016 National Kickboxing Championship and a gold medalist in Tai Chi, Sourabh has also presented Tai Chi demonstration at Chinese tourism providence twice. He also conducts many self defence workshops for women.

The ones who have attained the healthy edge...
Bharat Bansilal

Bharat Bansilal


" I am thankful to you for your valuable guidance. I have taken weight loss with hypertension management plan from Shivika Gandhi. It's been a week and I have lost 3 kgs. She has given me more than enough to eat ! I feel fresh, cool and light with my blood pressure under control. I'm her fan as she is great !"

Vini Dilavari

Vini Dilavari

New Delhi

"Shivika has really helped me improve, not just my food habits but my lifestyle as a whole. The weight loss was just an added bonus. Just because you're on a diet, does not mean there will be any lack in nutrition in her diets. Her diets are easy to follow and customised according to individual needs. I'm glad I consulted her !"

Akshit K Gupta

Akshit K Gupta

New Delhi

"Shivika has impressed me with her knowledge on food and diet plans. I always take her recommendations while visiting restaurants. The diets have not only helped me reduce weight and inches but also get that glow on the face! She motivates continuously which ensures high compliance of the diets."

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