Are you trying to lose weight? It might be a good idea to limit how much beer you drink. This popular alcoholic beverage can change your body more than you know.

Here are five ways beer can make you gain weight:

1. Slows Down Fat Metabolism


When you drink alcohol, your body focuses on metabolizing it first. This means that the breakdown of other macronutrients are slowed down – including fat. The result? Weight gain!

Alcohol also makes your liver produce more acetate, a chemical that hinders fat breakdown.

2. Increases Oxidative Stress


Alcohol is a toxin that can damage cells through oxidative stress.This can lead to an inflammatory effect that’s linked to weight gain and obesity. Oxidative stress can also lead to diabetes and heart disease.

3. Adds More Calories


At 7 calories per gram, alcohol has almost the same energy as fat. That’s excluding the grains and other ingredients in beer. And then, there’s your usual caloric intake from other foods. It can all add up pretty fast.

4. Makes You Eat More


Alcohol limits your body’s ability to control appetite. It also stimulates hunger, making you crave more food than you actually need. Even your brain pays more attention to these alcohol-induced cravings. That explains that 2 A.M. pizza binge after a night out!

5. Worsens Lifestyle Habits


Drinking too much beer can also make the rest of your diet worse. You’re more likely to eat less fruits, veggies, and healthy grains.

It can mess with your sleep cycle and decrease secretion of the human growth hormone. And since sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain, it’s definitely something to watch out for.

If you’re relatively healthy, occasional consumption of beer is OK. You can still keep your weight in check. But be sure to pay attention to your habits!