Tui Na for healing...

Tui Na chinese massage technique helps to stimulate the acupressure points for energy to flow easily to ensure healing. It has an effect on the surface of the skin and leads to the working of the body’s required energy. It is an aid for stress relief, self- treatment and also for preventive health care.It has also been used to treat joint displacement, internal disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, shoulder and back pain, arthritis among other benefits.

"Acupressure is well known to mankind and is something that has helped my clients to successfully deal with a variety of issues ranging from body and mind like emotional disturbances that one goes through."

I believe that the sensitivity of the human hands are much better than the use of needles.
Shivika Gandhi

The basic meaning of ‘Tui na’ is ‘Push and Grasp’. This is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and leads to improved blood circulation, betterment of bodily functions and also effective nerve regulation.
Shivika Gandhi hasĀ  been focused on the process and has seen a difference which has brought the body into balance, cleared various obstructions, energized the system and brought the required energy.