About the program

Most frequent questions and answers

To us results not only include desired weight loss but achieving good health and a disease free body. Our program is different as we make use of the components of Traditional Chinese Medicine like Diet therapy, Herbalism and Qigong to enable you achieve your health goals. We aim to educate you about your body requirements and to balance your energy input and output so that there is no chance of going to that point of journey where you started from.

Our TCM Diet Therapy doesn’t mean that we make you depend on Chinese cuisine instead of your local food, but it means that our concept is based on the principles of traditional chinese medicine which help in weight loss, preventing and healing diseases. For eg. to curb your dehydration, we use watermelon and avoid drying foods like coffee.

The diet plan is customized individually according to body type, requirements and ailemnts. It is nutritionally adequate and easy to follow as it includes foods according to your lifestyle (likes, dislikes, work routine, timings etc.).

Herbalism is the most natural form of medicine which includes amla, ginseng, neem, trifala etc., prescribed to you by our Ayurvedic Doctor to prevent lifestyle disorders or to cure your health issues. We follow a complete procedure that includes analyzing your body, your blood reports etc.

You are not suggested to go for it if your body does not require it.

You buy your pills from your own end so you are well-aware about the formulations.

Practicing Qigong helps in managing stress, weight and disease leading to a healthy you today and tomorrow. After getting well-versed knowledge about it’s benefits, Shivika takes an initiative to promote this form of physical activity by organising regular qigong sessions for her clients in New Delhi. 

This is an additional bonus but in case it is not feasible for you as you are a client located out of delhi or due to work routine, you get our live session video with a prescription of instructions which enable you to practice it at your own end as per your comfort and timings.

If you go for a package which includes only Diet Therapy, you get an exercise prescription which may include traditional yoga, brisk walk etc.

This offering is only for our clients based in New Delhi. You are suggested it only if your body requires it. It is a doorstep service wherein our expert tui na therapist visits you with all the needed equipments and provides you the service at your comfort.

No. We work globally from our office in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. We have no branch, no representative, no authorised nutritionist anywhere else in India or abroad.

Shivika will work directly with you in designing an eating plan for your needs. 90 percent of your interactions will be with her.

No difference apart from the fact that you will interact with her over phone/ skype/ facetime and email instead of meeting her personally. The entire pattern remains the same as her regular packages. In fact many of our Delhi based clients also opt for video chats for their appointments.

Since ours is more of an educational program, you will learn the basic pattern of eating as per your body’s requirements and your lifestyle. During your active package, your diets will be changed roughly every week so that your body gets exposed to the maximum nutrients possible. You will also be actively involved in planning your diets, so that will give you an understanding of your nutrient needs & how to tweak your diet (depending on your activity & lifestyle). By the end of your program, you will be in a position to plan your diets by yourself & carry on with a healthy eating pattern as a way of life. In addition, we provide you with a very important post-consultation document which is a summary of all your learnings during the program and guidelines to plan your meals in various situations.

Also, there are maintenance diet plans that we could provide you with to ensure you are healthy in future.

Besides, our relationship with our clients is a lifelong one and we are just a phone call or an email away in case there is any help you need.

The idea is to empower you to follow a healthy lifestyle as a way of life and not just when you are ‘on’ a diet. This may take 2/4/6 months or an year depending on your specific case. We can help you in this decision in case you are confused.

Result is an ambiguous term in our dictionary. Just as eating wrong has an immediate effect on the body, so does eating correct. It might not be a measurable effect (read weighing scale) but you will start feeling better, more energetic and shrunk within a week or two of following the diet and exercising. Weight loss or rather fat loss, as Shivika insists, is a by-product. So first thing you do: throw that weighing scale out. What we track are your efforts, results just follow.

Our ideology is to help you evolve an eating pattern that fits into your work schedule and lifestyle so that there is no question of going “on” or “off” the diet. We work at educating our clients to understand their body’s requirements and to enable them to get in touch with their digestive system so that eventually they are able to evolve their own eating pattern, overcome the fears & myths associated with certain foods and are able to free themselves from the need to fit into a size or shape. Ours is a ‘get fit’ or a ‘lose fat’ program, not a ‘weight-loss’ one.

Most of our clients have travel as an essential part of their jobs. The diet plan will be designed keeping in tune with the lifestyle and job requirements you might have. You will be educated on how to plan meals while traveling and assisted with choosing best options when you are in a new country/ city.

We will design an eating pattern that fits into your work schedule & lifestyle. If you do work in shifts (day & night), your meal plan will be tweaked depending on your nutritional requirements as per the work shifts and the availability and practicality of food choices.

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