What Dr. Sweta Arya Says...

What Dr. Sweta Arya Says...

“Herbs, derived from plants or plant parts in the medicinal world are not subscribed by Physicians but at The Nutritional Edge, we aim to give benefits using techniques and processes that are tried-tested and then laid in front of our clients. They are more safe and effective in prevention and cure than other medicinal courses due to the natural occurrence of ingredients.”

“Herbal remedy, herbal therapy or herbalism- Whatever you choose to call it but I want to name it as Magic. It just helps to say that your food is your medicine and medicine is your food as herbs are the ‘valued plants’.

Herbal Therapy is a pure and an unadulterated form of healing that needs to be recognized more. People tend to rely on modern age medicines and don’t take precautions with herbal therapy which is the oldest known Medical practice.
Shivika Gandhi

The need of herbs

Shivika Gandhi recognizes the need of plants to be used for us and by us. Herbal remedy is a holistic approach to health, which she has researched upon and understood that it adds benefits to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of humans. Every herb has a distinctive flavor, energetic quality, and healing properties with a corresponding healing effect on the body.

Healing Properties Of Herbs

We know how important it is for you to prevent disorders and heal from existing ailments and other blockages, so we firmly and strongly stand by Herbalism.