A vision is like a seedling which when nurtured with execution and determination blossoms into the bud of an idea.
At the Nutritional Edge, we envision to make one and all reach the Zenith of the perfect health and the idea is to make this a part of you !

Shivika Gandhi, the visionary of TNE is the first nutritionist to fuse her modern wisdom of food with ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to plan her diets.

Principles Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The underlying principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses :

-The belief the of human body being the miniature version of the large surrounding universe.

-A harmonious existence of two complementary forces which support health namely Yin and Yang. A disease is an outcome of imbalance of these two forces.

-The five elements – Earth , Fire,Metal , Water and Wood, each of them symbolically representing stages and phases the human body undergoes and its transition during the infliction of an ailment.

-The vital energy Qi which flows through the body performing multiple vital functions and maintaining health.

Shivika’s diets are an unconventional cohesion of the above mentioned core principles, prepared post a detailed analysis of the body type, ailments suffered from and individual habits, keeping in mind the requirements of the body as well as the person. Diets are then structured and often inculcated with naturally occurring Herbs which are efficacious in prevention and cure of ailments.


Her idea is to make holistic wellness comprising peace of mind and soul as the destination of one en route the journey of optimum health and so she emphasizes on inclusion of self healing and self cultivating exercises such as Tai Chi and Qigong along with her diet which work as a catalyst and accelerate the fruitfulness of her regime.

She is the first one to hold sessions for the same.

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