“Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body! “

” I’m habitual to late-night snacking! How will I lose my weight? “-Yes, it’s your question as well. Most of us today have this habit of munching which is not considered healthy. However, if you are physiologically hungry at night, it is fine to have a small, nutritious snack. If you’re snacking on empty calories, it’s unhealthy.

To get rid of any problem, it is very essential to know it’s causes so that they can be eliminated. Similarly, it is important to know the hidden causes of unnecessary eating.

What causes late-night snacking?

  1. Suggestibility: This is the major cause of my post-dinner cravings. Watching FOOD FOOD channel on television leads to an omelette! TIP: If food channels or ads make you hungry, do not watch them!
  2. Boredom/Restlessness/Insomnia: I have seen people eating because they have no other work to do at that time.For some, eating is the best pass time! TIP:The key here is to recognize that you are bored and restless and then make a conscious choice to do something else. Beat insomnia to get rid of those cravings! (Click here to read about the ways to beat insomnia.)
  3. Loneliness: Being home alone can predispose a solitary person to munch.
  4. Self-denial: If all you let yourself eat during the day is protein shakes and carrot sticks (or you don’t eat enough, period) you are going to break down at night. Eat regular, well-balanced meals, and allow yourself the occasional daytime indulgence.
  5. Nutritional Imbalance: If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, it will send you hungry signals, no matter how much you eat. Also, eating too much sugar or carbs and not getting enough healthy fats during the day can set you up for a blood sugar crash that makes you hungry at night.
  6. Frustration: Anger and resentment can give you an upset stomach and make you want to eat to sooth it.
  7. Procrastination: If you don’t feel like studying or working, you may find yourself popping up from the task and going to the kitchen a lot. Ask yourself if there is a reason you are putting the task off.
  8. Lack of Outdoor Time: For some people, being in nature “feeds” a very important hunger. If they don’t spend enough time outdoors, they may compensate by eating more. If you suspect you might be one of these people, get outside every single day for at least an hour (getting into the habit of taking a 30-minute walk, morning and night, could totally change your life).

So these are some causes that lead to late-night snacking. There could be many other problems that make you indulge in it. You could either prevent or eliminate the ’causes’ that result in munching or change your late-night snack!

Keep in mind the following:-

  • If you’re going to eat before bed, pick something relatively light and leave some buffer time before you lay down.
  • And avoid anything fatty, spicy, super sugary, or caffeinated.
  • A good nighttime snack would be around 200 calories with complex carbs and protein.

Listed below are some easy-to-prepare,nutritious snacks that could be eaten post-dinner without imposing any negative effects on your health :-

  • Open bread sandwich 


Take a slice of bread and roast it. Apply a little bit of butter and top it with your favorite toppings! (For example: Onion,Capsicum,Mushroom etc.)

  • Garlic bread


A slice of garlic bread with a spread of butter can help you overcome the cravings!

  • Lavash with Hummus

Now this is another healthy “craving buster”-Lavash sticks along with spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans.

  • High-Fiber Cereal and Milk


Choose your favorite, flavored high fiber cereal and go for skim or cow milk for post-dinner meal.

  • Banana with peanut butter


This is a perfect combination of calcium and protein! Try it!

  • Greek yogurt


Add almonds or fruits of your choice to it!

Greek yogurt is rich in protein and calcium whereas, almonds and fruits are vitamin rich.

So now you can overcome your cravings with these tasty and healthy munchies! Try them! Feel free to leave your own innovative recipes in the comments!