Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropical countries where it is available fresh, canned, or bottled.

What is coconut water ?


Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digestible carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes. Not to be confused with high-fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts.

Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating – these are just a few of the many benefits ascribed to America’s latest health craze: coconut water.

Nutritive Value of Coconut Water per 100 g (3.5 oz) – Read Here in detail.

It has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink. 

Coconut water has less sugar than many sports drinks and much less sugar than sodas and some fruit juices. Plain coconut water could be a better choice for adults and kids looking for a beverage that is less sweet. But don’t overdo it, says Lillian Cheung, D.Sc, RD, of Harvard School of Public Health. “One 11-ounce container has 60 calories and if you drink several in one day, the calories can add up quickly,” Cheung says.

Cheung, co-author of Savor Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, suggests being mindful about beverage choices and reading labels to choose plain coconut water and avoid those with added sugar or juices, which are no different from other sugary beverages!


Here are reasons why you should drink fresh coconut water regularly.

Regulates blood pressure

According to research, coconut water helps improve blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues. It is also said to control your blood sugar levels.

Help lose weight
If you are on a weight loss spree, coconut water should be a must-have in your diet chart. Low in fat, drinking this beverage can help one feel full and reduce cravings.

Increases immunity

Rich in nutrients and vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamine and pyridoxine, and folates, coconut water has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help increase your body’s immune system and fight viral infections like flu.

For pregnant women

Doctors often recommend coconut water during pregnancy as it helps fight constipation, heart burn and slow digestion.

Improves kidney function

Due to its minerals, potassium and magnesium content, coconut water is beneficial to a person suffering from any kidney disease. This water also acts as a diuretic and increases the flow and production of urine.

For your skin

If you have acne or pimple problems, pigmentation or want to retain its youthfulness, apply coconut water on your face and leave it overnight. Due to its repairing properties, it can even be applied to hands and nails.Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots are bound to appear as your skin ages. But with proper care, these signs of aging can be delayed.The potent combination of coconut water and yogurt exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, and reduces signs of aging.

Research has shown that vitamin C can help remove pigmentation. This is why coconut water, which is a naturally rich source of vitamin C, works well in reducing tan and blemishes.

Improves Metabolism

You probably know that improved metabolism means that you end up burning more calories. While there might be a number of things slugging your metabolism, coconut water isn’t one of them. In fact, it can give your metabolism quite the boost.

Aids Digestion

It is common knowledge that ingesting fibers is essential for your digestive system to function properly. Coconut water is rich in fiber, which is why it helps with your digestive system.

Fact: The water a single coconut yields, contains about 9% of the amount of fiber that is required by your body in a single day!

Prevents And Treats Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when the water content in your body drops. It is usually a result of not drinking enough water, or losing water through excretion. Coconut water keeps you hydrated.

Strengthens Bones


Although our bones are made up mostly of calcium, we need a number of nutrients to maintain bone strength and density.There have been several studies that have tried to find the impact of coconut water on bones. The results have been favorable. Coconut water contains a significant amount of calcium that is necessary for healthy bones. It also has magnesium that builds bone strength.

Stimulates Hair Growth

The state of your hair often reflects the state of your overall health. Lack of certain nutrients can stunt hair growth or cause hair fall. Coconut water, a treasure trove of health, helps provide nutrients that can help your hair grow.

Therefore, I recommend drinking this miraculous beverage once a day on a daily basis. 

Once again, excess of everything is bad!

You can always try to do something more interesting with it, like adding it to smoothies instead of water.

Here’s one of my innovative ways of making coconut water consumption interesting!

Coconut Water Fruit Ice Pop

What could be better than these beautiful looking ice-pops? Aside from being amazing pieces of art, they are also incredibly healthier than your conventional ice bars loaded with refined sugar, unnatural colorings, preservatives and other weird chemical additives.


– Fruits of your choice, cut into pieces (like strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, mango, pineapple etc.)
– Coconut water (from fresh young coconuts.)

Fill ice bar / pop moulds with coconut water, and add different fruit pieces of each (see image above). Let freeze over night and enjoy the next day!

You could also make coconut water ice cubes in the same way and add them up in your favorite fruit juice!

Have more ideas on incorporating coconut water in your diet? Share them with us in the comments section below!

“Summer only comes once a year, so be sure to make the best of it!”-Shivika Gandhi

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